Air Conditioning and
refrigeration equipment retrofit

Eco Lifestyle assists clients, individuals and corporations, to retrofit or convert existing air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment using blended Engas Hydrocarbon refrigerants reducing energy consumption in the range of 15% to 45% depending on the different types of blended refrigerant.

Such a process will result in financial savings and extension of a lifetime of converted air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

Air Conditioning and
refrigeration equipment maintenance

Eco Lifestyle helps clients to regularly service their air conditioning and refrigeration equipment anticipating potential failure as well as repairing them, when performance of the unit is not optimal.

Common problems might be:

  • Low refrigerant due to leaks or the need to recharge
  • Bad wiring that can prevent the system from delivering optimum performance
  • Compressor overheat due to wrong placement

Frozen coil generally caused by dirty air filters

Energy Audits

Energy costs represents one of the highest expenses nowadays. Eco Lifestyle’s comprehensive energy audits provide clients valuable guidance and assistance to improve performance with the optimization of energy consumption.

The company’s experties provide trusted insight on new technologies designed to improve environmental and operational efficiency, and help in evaluating various solutions, enabling clients to choose technology and actions best suited for the specific requirements of each particular client.